Whisky Burn

Whisky Burn

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1,600 km, 3 weeks, 1 man and his Vespa: Whisky Burn - a travelogue, a reference book and a whisky trail guide. Whisky Burn tells the tale of a three-week odyssey around the highlands and islands of Scotland. A self-confessed non-connoisseur of single malt, at least on day one, Ben invites us to join him on his trip from distillery to distillery on his trusty, 1979, 50cc ‘vespino’.  

The Cotswolds Distillery

Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds Distillery – Not Cider with Rosie but something a little stronger

Think of the Cotswolds and you think of a gentle, smooth, relaxing landscape; think of Cotswolds whisky and the same three adjectives might spring to mind. Set in a rural area more closely associated with Cider With Rosie than Whisky Galore, the Cotswolds Distillery has been producing gentle, smooth, relaxing English whisky per year since its foundation in 2014.

Penderyn Distillery - not just a man's whisky world

Penderyn distiller/blending team

Penderyn – first Welsh distillery in over a century

Back in the Welsh mists of time, well, not that far back perhaps, 20 years or so, a group of friends met around the table with the landlord of a local pub. They spent the evening drinking local beer, and towards the end of the evening the order for whisky naturally arrived. The barman offered them Scottish, Irish, American whisky, but after drinking Welsh beer all evening, how could they then drink Scottish whisky? Or Irish, or American?

Slane Distillery


I first visited Slane distillery in the Boyne Valley, about 40km north of Dublin, during the Whiskey Burn trip at a time when the final preparations were taking place for the grand opening. The Capability-Brown-designed stable block of Slane Castle was still very much in the throes of being converted into the distillery at the time, but the grand opening was programmed for just over a week later.

Mystery Whiskey - Revealed!


Last Friday saw the launch of Whiskey Burn at Whiskey Live Dublin, a lively affair if ever there was one. I was there with a batch of 56 books - hot off the press - and shortly into the Saturday session they had all sold out, so we were left with just the display copy on the table for the rest of the evening – but, can’t complain about that.